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Welcome to Creo Fitness

We pride ourselves on being more than your typical Personal Training company.

Yes, we take clients through workouts to achieve their fitness objectives but that’s just the start. We provide Massage Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, and body composition testing. We want you to not only look good but move well too!

Our time working with both the general public and professional athletes has lead us to find one common problem. Daily living is an ever growing problem when it comes to fitness and exercise routines. Working commitments, long commutes, and muscle imbalances lead to a limited fitness experience.

We’re passionate about movement quality and Injury prevention, we take time to educate our clients and provide them with the knowledge to remove aches and pains, rehabilitate old injuries and of course prevent new ones.

What I've discovered about Liam is that he doesn't just give you a programme, he looks for precision in every movement to make sure you maximise your time in the gym, carefully teach technique and provide a whole education about lifestyle choices outside of your sessions.

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Liam is an excellent coach. He listens to your needs and any medical issues when devising an individual programme for you. He is patient but encouraging. I would recommend him to everyone young or old.

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Discover how to move more effectively

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Whats included...

    • 1 x Consultation
    • 1 x Postural Assessment
    • 2 x Personal Training Sessions
    • 1 x Sports Massage

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