Lady performing yoga

The mind, body connection. Its all about you…

Are ongoing health issues getting you down?

Your mind might be telling you it's impossible to improve your fitness due to some restriction or condition that is holding you back?

Move from feeling frustration to experiencing steady transformation (or sometimes an immediate shift) towards a strong healthy body and positive mindset. 

Yoga is enjoying a huge wave of popularity for 2 main reasons: sports specialists now, at last, recognise the benefits it can bring as a complement to any sport or activity and GPs and therapists are now recommending it to patients.  

Yoga 121 sessions provide personal guidance that tunes into your physical and lifestyle needs.  You will feel supported and encouraged as you progress to take control of your body and general outlook on life.

Yoga is accessible to EVERYONE, any fitness level, any age. Contrary to belief you absolutely don’t need to be flexible! you can do yoga. You may have tried almost everything else and have nothing to lose.
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